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Wisconsin Makes Minnesota Offer On Tax Reciprocity

Wisconsin’s latest income tax reciprocity offer to Minnesota does not include an additional payment of up to $6 million a year that its neighbor wanted, a demand that the head of Wisconsin’s Revenue Department derided Thursday as “unprecedented.” Still, Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler and Wisconsin lawmakers who live on the border with Minnesota said they hoped the two states could reach agreement for the 2015 tax year before a Sept. 30 deadline.


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Agreement In Principle On Tax Reciprocity

Revenue officials from Minnesota and Wisconsin say they hope to finalize an agreement on tax reciprocity that will allow residents who live in one state and work in the other to file just one state income tax return beginning next year.


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Minn. Signs Off On Tuition Deal With Wis.

The state of Minnesota has signed off on a deal previously approved by Wisconsin that keeps alive the two-state tuition reciprocity agreement but with some changes affecting students from Wisconsin.


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Revenue Officials Working On Tax Reciprocity

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he’s confident Wisconsin and Minnesota will have a new tax reciprocity agreement in the next two months.


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Wis. Lawmakers Agree To Change Minn. Tuition Deal

Wisconsin college students will have to pay more to attend the University of Minnesota under a change approved by the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee.


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Wis. Pays $12.9M To Minn. For Tuition Deal

The state of Wisconsin owed the state of Minnesota and its colleges and universities nearly $13 million under the states’ tuition reciprocity deal for the 2009 school year.


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Walker: Budget Holdup Halts Reciprocity Payments

Wisconsin’s governor is bringing Minnesota into the fight to balance his state’s budget. Gov. Scott Walker brought up the point that Wisconsin owes Minnesota a lot of money, and he’d like to pay it back.


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Minn. Officially Asks Wis. To Honor $58.7M Debt

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has sent a letter asking his Wisconsin counterpart to honor a $58.7 million debt stemming from an old tax-reciprocity agreement.