Record High

Wednesday's 84-Degree High Breaks 133-Year RecordIt may not have felt like it with the high wind speeds, but temperatures in the Twin Cities reached 84 degrees Wednesday, breaking a 133-year-old record.
Expert: Treatments For Heroin At Record High In Twin CitiesWhile the use of prescription opiates is down, drug expert Carol Falkowski says there's seeing a record number of people going into treatment for heroin addiction.
Report: Minnesota STDs Hit New High In 2011A new report from the Minnesota Department of Health shows sexually transmitted diseases hit a new high in the state in 2011.
High Temp Records Could Melt Away This WeekIf you thought this weekend was nice, hold onto yourselves. The Twin Cities could see record-breaking high temperatures for the next few days.
Car Temperature GalleryJohn Willliams asked listeners to send in photos of the temperatures in their cars on Tuesday! See the gallery here.