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Minn. Political Map Case To Be Argued Jan. 4

A special court panel has scheduled a hearing in January for a politically charged case over boundaries for Minnesota legislative and congressional districts.


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Minn. Court To Take Public Input On Political Maps

A series of eight hearings designed to get input on Minnesota’s political boundaries is beginning.


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Minn. Group Aims To Bypass Redistricting Politics

A new group called Draw the Line Minnesota hopes to involve voters in redrawing political maps without regard for incumbents and other partisan concerns.


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Wis. Senate Approves Redistricted Legislative Map

The Wisconsin state Senate has passed a bill that redraws the boundaries of the state’s eight congressional districts.


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Minn. Redistricting Panel To Hold Public Hearings

A special panel on redistricting appointed by Minnesota’s Supreme Court chief justice will hold a series of public meetings to give interested people and groups a chance to be heard on the once-a-decade process of redrawing the state political map.


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Minn. Political Map Case Returns To Federal Court

A lawsuit involving Minnesota’s political maps is back in federal court.


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5 Minn. Judges Named To Oversee Political Map Case

A five-member judicial panel that could decide how Minnesota’s political maps look for the next 10 years has been appointed.


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Dayton Vetoes GOP-Drafted Redistricting Maps

Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed Republican-drafted maps for new Minnesota congressional and legislative districts, making it likely the state’s once-a-decade redistricting process will end up in the courts.


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Minn. Senate Sends Redistricting Bills To Dayton

The state Senate has sent Gov. Mark Dayton bills that alter the boundaries of Minnesota’s eight congressional districts and 67 legislative districts, but they are likely to draw a veto from the Democratic chief executive.


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House OKs Redesign For Minn. Congressional Lines

A bill altering boundaries for Minnesota’s eight congressional districts to account for population shifts has passed the state House.


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New Boundaries On Tap For Minn. Seats In Congress

A proposal for new-look Minnesota congressional districts, including three that would span from one state border to the next, could give a freshman Republican an easier path to re-election.


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1st Round In Minn. Redistricting Fight Arrives

State lawmakers clashed Tuesday over a GOP plan to redraw the lines of the state’s legislative districts, with Democrats quick to note that members of their party face greater political consequences than Republicans under the first proposal released to set Minnesota’s political map for the next decade.


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Redistricting Lines Could Be Done This Week

The lines are being drawn, and a new map for those districts could be released sometime this week.


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1st Round In Minn. Redistricting Fight Arrives

Three weeks before lawmakers hope to leave St. Paul for the year, a select few are at work over political maps that would play a role in elections for years to come.


Documents for the 2011 census are shown after being delivered to a household in London on March 7, 2011. Taken every 10 years, the census collects information about the population to allow the British Government to plan and fund the services that it provides to the public. (credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Census Clears Way For Minnesota Redistricting

Official population numbers in hand, Minnesota lawmakers are forging ahead with plans to redraw the state’s legislative and congressional district boundaries.





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