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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

Where do cashews come from? What do I do if I need to renew my vehicle tabs and the government shuts down? Why are the ticks so bad this year? Who is the voice behind WCCO promos? Jason DeRusha hits “Reply All” to your good questions.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

There’s no real movement on budget talks with the governor and legislative Republicans, which probably means a special session.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Superstition Questions

On the only Friday the 13th of 2011, WCCO viewers had a lot of Good Questions about superstitions. From the unlucky number 13 to the history of the bad luck for walking under a ladder, we hit “Reply All.”


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

It’s been an incredible week of news: starting with the killing of Osama bin Laden. We’ve got a good question about that and one asking how often moms can have their own weekend without Fishing Opener, as we hit “Reply All.”


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

We know we get tornadoes in the U.S., but what about the rest of the world? How does the Prince get paid? And why were the royal bridesmaids so young? We’re hitting “Reply All” to WCCO viewers’ Good Questions.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Flyovers, Flooding And Grading

WCCO-TV viewers submit hundreds of Good Questions every week. From ceremonial flyovers of military jets, to school grading systems, we’re hitting “Reply All.”


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Good Question Reply All: What’s The Prince’s Last Name?

The NFL players want to end the lockout, so they turned to a Minneapolis court. But why here? And what’s Prince William’s last name anyway? Jason DeRusha hits ‘reply all’ to some of your Good Questions.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Spring Questions

Jason DeRusha hits ‘reply all’ to viewers’ Good Questions.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ On Tsunami Questions

Since the earthquake and tsunami hit in Japan, WCCO viewers have been sending in dozens of Good Questions. Jason DeRusha hits reply all.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

Jason DeRusha hits “reply all” to viewer’s good questions.


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Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your V-Day Questions

With Valentine’s Day looming, we’re answering the Good Questions of WCCO viewers that relate to the romantic February 14th.


Good Question: Reply All

The word from some Minnesota astronomers this week is that the horoscope is all wrong. So is it? And does the president carry a wallet? Tonight we’re hitting Reply All to your Good Question e-mails.


Good Question: Reply All

It’s a “what’s the difference between this and that” series of Good Questions. Flurries and showers? Colleges and Universities? John and Jack? We’re replying all to Good Questions from WCCO viewers.


Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Xmas Questions

When you write “Merry Xmas,” you’re taking the Christ out of Christmas, right? And did Coca-Cola really give us the modern picture of Santa Claus? We’re replying all to WCCO-TV viewers’ Christmas Good Questions.


Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Dome Questions

WCCO-TV got a lot of questions this week about the Metrodome and its nemesis — the snow.


Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

When do political lawn signs disappear? Why do we fall back at 2 a.m. instead of 1 a.m.? And what exactly is “natural” flavoring? WCCO-TV is replying all to viewers’ Good Questions.


Good Question: ‘Reply All’ To Your Good Questions

Concrete or blacktop? Why do Twins games start at 7:37 p.m.? And why do I blush when I get embarrassed? Those are some of the Good Questions viewers sent to Jason DeRusha this week.