Republican Presidential Candidate

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Ron Paul Speaks To Supporters In Minn.

Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has had a busy Saturday in Minnesota with a key caucus in the state just three days away.


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Esme’s Blog: Nuclear Newt

The nickname for Newt Gingrich that has been buzzing on social media and the web may stick now that the New York Times is running a front page story with the headline, “No More Nice Guys: Fans Love ‘Nuclear Newt.'”


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Bachmann, Perry Talk Jobs At Iowa GOP Fundraiser

They’re competing with each other and currently leading the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls, but Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann are riding the same issue out of Iowa: jobs.


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Pawlenty Knocks Obama, Bachmann In Same Swipe

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty said Wednesday that President Barack Obama’s previous jobs as a community organizer and law professor didn’t prepare him for the White House. And, Pawlenty said, Iowa shouldn’t repeat the mistake of voting for another charismatic politician who lacks experience.


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Bachmann Points To Foster Parenting — On Her Terms

From her first campaign to her latest, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann has used her time as a foster parent to bolster her image as a family-focused Christian driven by compassion and social conviction.


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Pawlenty Downplays Need To Win Iowa Straw Poll

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty says he doesn’t have to win the upcoming Iowa straw poll to come out of that contest with momentum for his campaign.


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GOP’s Pawlenty To Shift From TV To Turnout In Iowa

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty plans to fade from Iowa’s paid airwaves just days from the critical GOP straw poll.


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Going After 2012 Candidate Bachmann Has Its Risks

Michele Bachmann’s rise in Republican presidential race polls is making the tea party favorite an enticing target for rival campaigns.