Golden Globes To Offer A Galaxy Of Stars, If Not The ForceThe 73rd annual Golden Globes will hope its assemblage of Hollywood stars, from Jennifer Lawrence to Leonardo DiCaprio, will be enough to offset the absence of a different kind of star.
Kimmel, Gervais & Other Celebrities Respond To Cecil The Lion's DeathThe story of a Minnesota dentist who allegedly poached a beloved lion in Zimbabwe has sparked an international reaction.
An Atheist Easter Message From Ricky GervaisA few months ago, we talked about Ricky Gervais' column detailing why he's an atheist. He's back with another funny, interesting missive, this time inspired by the upcoming Easter holiday. Take a look.
Ricky Gervais On LettermanComedian Ricky Gervais was on with David Letterman last night on the Late Show. They talked about everything from Gervais' hosting job on the Golden Globes, to whether he'll replace Steve Carell's character on "The Office. We've got a link to the video.
UK & USA "Office" Managers Finally MeetMichael Scott finally meets David Brent? Let the hilarity ensue!
Ricky Gervais In Ellen-Designed UnderwearRicky Gervais wore some special boxers to the Golden Globes. We've got a link to the story and photos.
Golden Globes - Ricky Gervais MonologueRicky Gervais had an eye-opening monologue last night and we've got a link to the video.
Link To Ricky Gervais ColumnChad just mentioned Ricky Gervais' column explaining why he's an atheist. You can read it yourself.
Conan Has "RickyLeaks"?While "Wikileaks" remains a big news story, Conan has leaks of his own to deal with. They come in the form of "RickyLeaks" from Ricky Gervais.

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