Ron Paul

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Nonprofits Aiding Paul Blur A Line

The passionate support of an eclectic group of libertarians and young people has Ron Paul in contention to win the Iowa caucus. So has the work of two well-funded nonprofits that for the past three years have kept his aides employed, his volunteers organized and his ideas afloat.


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Rep. Bachmann Misses Payroll Tax Vote

Eleven lawmakers missed the House vote that rejected Senate legislation to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for two months.


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Paul, Bachmann Spar Over Iran And Nuclear Threat

Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are trading barbs over Iran, with the Texas congressman saying the U.S. has no legitimate claim to block Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon and Bachmann calling his position wildly dangerous.


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Key Moments In The GOP Debate

Mitt Romney challenged Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s claims that the former Massachusetts governor backed a requirement that individuals purchase health care coverage.


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Republicans Say Lower Taxes Create Jobs

Republican presidential hopefuls say lower taxes and fewer regulations will create jobs. But they’re struggling to explain what they’d do differently from their rivals to make that happen.


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In Third White House Bid, Paul’s Message The Same

Long before he discovered Friedrich Hayek and other free-market economists, Ron Paul got a lesson in sound money from his oldest brother, Bill.


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Republicans Seek Iowa Social Conservatives’ Nod

Six Republican presidential candidates dove deep into how their religious faith influences their public life, during a free-flowing forum before a large, influential audience of social conservatives in early-voting Iowa on Saturday.


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GOP Candidates Debate On CBS This Saturday

CBS will present the Campaign 2012 season’s first network broadcast of a Republican Presidential Primary debate on Saturday, Nov. 12.


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Let Europe Solve Its Debt, GOP Candidates Say

Republican presidential rivals agreed Wednesday night that Europe’s countries should rise or fall on their own without any American bailout and warned that failing to cut budget deficits at home would doom the U.S. to the same sort of crisis that now plagues Greece and Italy.


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Ron Paul Talks Liberty In Bachmann’s Territory

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul pushed his idea of smaller, no-nonsense government as he campaigned in St. Cloud Saturday.


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Ron Paul Brings Presidential Campaign To St. Cloud

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul tells a crowd in St. Cloud it’s time to reverse course.


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Campaign Report: Bachman Low On Funds

Rep. Michele Bachmann reported Friday that she raised $3.9 million in the last three months and that she has $1.3 million in the bank.


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Campaign Reports Show Disparity Among GOP

With just over a year left in the race for the White House, campaign finance reports released Saturday offered the first major picture into the haves and the have-nots among the Republican presidential candidates.


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FACT CHECK: Social Security Prompts Debate Miscues

Rick Perry 1.0 thought Social Security was a “disease” inflicted on the population by the federal government.


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Good Question: Why Are Reporters Ignoring Ron Paul?

Before the Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa, there was no media love for Ron Paul. After he nearly won the thing, there was still no love. Why are reporters ignoring Ron Paul’s presidential campaign?


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Bachmann Gains Steam In Iowa, Pawlenty Loses It

The Iowa Straw Poll is considered the first big test for the GOP in the 2012 presidential race, and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann beat out her rival Tim Pawlenty Saturday by a hefty margin.


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Bachmann Wins GOP 2012 Test Vote

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won a test vote of Iowans on Saturday, a show of strength five months before the state’s caucuses kick off the GOP presidential nominating season.


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Lesser-Known Candidates Working Hard In Iowa

While most of the attention heading into this weekend’s Iowa straw poll is on Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, lesser-known Republican presidential candidates are working equally as hard to pull off a surprise.


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GOP Hopefuls Look To Debate For Last-Minute Boost

Seven Republican presidential contenders will try to use Thursday’s debate in the leadoff caucus state of Iowa to cast themselves as the strongest alternative to one rival: front-runner Mitt Romney.


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Paul Wins Straw Poll, Huntsman Ranks Second

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has won the presidential straw poll at the Republican Leadership Conference.


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Republicans Assail Obama In Opening Big Debate

Republican White House hopefuls criticized President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy from the opening moments of their first major debate of the campaign season Monday night and pledged emphatically to repeal the administration’s year-old health care law.


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Which Republican Candidate Has The Best Chance Of Defeating President Obama in 2012?

Now that Donald Trump is out of the running for the Presidency, which of the Republicans has the best shot at unseating President Obama?


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Rep. Ron Paul, Liberty and Heroin

One of the more talked about moments from the GOP debates in South Carolina was Rep. Ron Paul and his comment about Heroin. Read the story and watch the video. Do you agree?


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Ex-Governor Ventura Would Consider Running With Ron Paul

Former pro-wrestler and Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, says he would consider getting back into politics if Texas Congressman Ron Paul would run for president as an Independent.


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Paul Leads Off Busy Day In Iowa Caucus Politics

Texas Rep. Ron Paul is leading off a busy day in Iowa for Republicans mulling presidential campaigns.