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Weather Blog: Blustery Sunday

It will be a windy and cool Sunday afternoon. Some of us could even see a brief shower as moisture wraps around a low-pressure system over the Great Lakes.


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Weather Blog: Average Can Be A Good Thing

Highs will be closer to average this weekend, with a chance of a shower over southwestern Minnesota Saturday afternoon and evening.


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Weather Blog: Clouds And Sun

The atmosphere overhead will be slightly unstable this weekend, so a few scattered showers will be possible at times.


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Weather Blog: Beautiful Summer Day

High pressure is your fair weather friend. It will give us light winds and plenty of sunshine through Sunday afternoon.


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Weather Blog: Better On Sunday

A pesky low pressure system over southeastern Minnesota will move slowly away on Saturday.


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Weather Blog: Enjoy The Nice Weather!

We enjoyed some of the finest weather in the country on Wednesday. We had sunshine, light breezes and comfortable temperatures and humidity.


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Weather Blog: Cool And Refreshing

Tuesday was quite a change from our recent warm and muggy weather. It was the first time that our high temperature failed to top 80 since mid-July.


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Weather Blog: Cooler

We hit 88 degrees Saturday in the Twin Cities, and some strong to severe thunderstorms moved over the northeast metro late in the afternoon, and over the west and south portions of the metro during the evening.


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Weather Blog: Warm And Humid, Chance For Storms

It’s going to be a warm and humid Saturday throughout Minnesota, and we’ve already had some thunderstorms roll through northwestern and north central Minnesota.


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Weather Blog: Warm And Humid

Sticky dewpoints will remain with us through Sunday and Monday, with highs both days expected to reach the lower 90s.


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Weather Blog: Unsettled

Scattered thunderstorms are rumbling through parts of central and northern Minnesota this Saturday evening, and a few could arrive in the Twin Cities sometime after sunset. A severe thunderstorm will be possible.


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Weekend Forecast: Hot And Muggy, Chance For Storms

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for several counties in western, central and eastern Minnesota, including the Twin Cities metro area, until 9 p.m.


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Weather Blog: Refreshing

Let’s hear it for comfortable dewpoints! They have returned, and our Sunday weather will be pleasant.


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Weather Blog: T-Storm Chances

We enjoyed an awesome Thursday, with dew points in the 50s to lower 60s and temps in the 80s. It was welcome relief from the heat wave. Warmer and more humid air will spread back […]


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Weather Blog: Relief From The Heat

A cooler front is heading our way. A drier and cooler air mass will spread across Minnesota Wednesday night and into western Wisconsin by sunrise on Thursday.


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Weather Blog: Another Record Falls

Mid-afternoon on Tuesday, the dew point hit 82 degrees at MSP airport. That breaks the old record of 81 degrees.


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Weather Blog: Steamy Until Thursday

Our weather will be very hot and muggy right through Wednesday. An excessive heat warning remains in effect until Wednesday evening for much of Minnesota and Wisconsin, including the Twin Cities metro area.


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Weather Blog: Steamy Until Thursday

Our Monday afternoon high temperature in the Twin Cities was 98 degrees, three degrees short of the record for this date. Factor in the dewpoint at the time and you had a heat index of 112 degrees.


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Weather Blog: Heat Wave

I’m sure a lot of folks were happy to see clouds block the sun for part of Sunday afternoon. The clouds kept our temperatures from peaking higher than they did.


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Weather Blog: Steamy Hot

Our weather will be very hot and muggy the next several days. An excessive heat warning is in effect until late Wednesday for much of Minnesota and Wisconsin, including the Twin Cities metro area.


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Weather Blog: Steamy Sunday

An upper level disturbance and cool front are expected to move toward us later today and tonight. The result will likely be some showers and thunderstorms.


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Weather Blog: Tropical Weekend

Our air conditioners will be busy this weekend. Warm temperatures and dewpoints in the upper 60s to lower 70s will make it feel tropical.


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Weather Blog: High Pressure Is Your Friend

A friend of mine likes to say “high pressure is you fair weather friend.”


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Weather Blog: Three In A Row

The Fourth of July marked the third consecutive day of sunshine and summery temperatures.


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Weather Blog: Feeling Fine

High pressure is spreading over our region, giving us a sunny Saturday. Today will be much less humid than it was on Friday, making this a great day to enjoy the outdoors.