Santorini Taverna

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Best Greek Food In The Twin Cities

Searching for a taste of Greece? Well look no further than the Twin Cities.

CBS Minnesota–11/16/2010

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Best Things To Do In Eden Prairie

When it comes to the best small cities — not just in Minnesota — but in America, Eden Prairie has been proud to consistently earn a spot in Money Magazine’s top 100 since 2006. But this year, the suburb got a bit of a surprise when they landed at No. 1, taking the title of the “Best Place to Live” on the 2010 list.

CBS Minnesota–11/05/2010

Cooper's voluminous room’s focal point is an immense bar crafted out of wood, marble and cut glass and imported from Ireland. (credit:

Best Twin Cities Bars For The 40-Something Crowd

After a certain age, going out for a few drinks means just that. There’s no longer a youthful sense of urgency to gulp down sugar-laden, Technicolor ‘tinis or sadistic blends of booze that seem more […]

CBS Minnesota–11/02/2010