School Levies

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77 Percent Passage Rate For School Levies

Education officials say Minnesota schools largely prevailed in Tuesday’s election with requests for operating levies.


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Top Minn. Senator Presses Education Levy Buyoff

A top Minnesota Senate Democrat is out with his plan to chop property taxes by $150 million by having the state assume some school costs now picked up on the local level.


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Minn. Lawmakers To Debate School Levy Reliance

Next year’s big debate over how to reshape the Minnesota tax system will include a serious discussion about school reliance on property tax levies.


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Brooklyn Center To Again Vote On Proposed Levy

School leaders in Brooklyn Center are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself as voters will once again make their decision over a proposed levy.


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Failed Levies Leave Some School Districts In Limbo

Big cuts are expected for school districts with failed levies. The Stillwater School District now has a budget shortfall of $10,000,000 after voters denied the proposal Tuesday night.


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New School Taxes Harder To Find On Election Day

Minnesota voters overwhelmingly voted to renew school levies on their property taxes, but were less enthusiastic about paying more.


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Voting Today Could Impact Schools, Your Taxes

Voters heading to the polls Tuesday will be making decisions about their local schools and their own taxes.


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Voters To Decide On School District Levies

Voters in one-third of Minnesota’s school districts will vote Tuesday on whether they should give more money to their schools.


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One-Third Of Minn. Schools Ask Voters For Help

The phone banks have been humming for three weeks straight in the headquarters of the teachers’ union for Minnesota’s largest school district, as Anoka-Hennepin teachers and their allies plead with voters to renew an operating levy worth $48 million a year.


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Minn. Lawmaker Calls For Restrictions On Levy Votes

The chairman of the Minnesota House Education Finance Committee is proposing to restrict votes on school levies to even-numbered years, when history shows they are less likely to be approved.


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One-Third Of Minn. Schools Seek Levy Approval

About one-third of Minnesota school districts will be going to their voters this fall for approval of an operating levy, the highest number in 10 years.


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GOP Lawmakers Take Aim At Minnesota School Levies

About a third of Minnesota school districts are planning to ask voters to approve local levies this fall, and now one prominent Republican lawmaker says he plans an unprecedented campaign against some school leaders who plead poverty.


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Minnesota School Levy Count Highest Since 2001

More than a third of school districts in Minnesota are planning to ask their voters for additional money in November, the highest number since at least 2001, according to the Minnesota School Boards Association.