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11-Year-Old Scholar Studies At ‘U Of M’

Most people enter college as a teenager with the hope of graduating in four to five years, but in that same time span, one University of Minnesota freshman will be getting his driver’s license.


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Robot Team Part Of STEM Day At The Fair

Thursday at the Minnesota State Fair is not just Thrifty Thursday. It’s also a time to celebrate creativity and science.


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Huge Magnets Delivered To ‘U Of M’ To Help Aid Research

The University of Minnesota attracted an enormous delivery Wednesday — 39,000 pounds of magnets.


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Chimp Attack Victim Shows Her Face

Remember the woman who was attacked by a Chimpanzee and had her face violently ripped apart? It’s been two years, see the face she has now.


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Good Question: Why Are The Windows Foggy?

With the hot, humid Minnesota air this week, many people are waking up to steamy, foggy windows. The glasses and sunglasses are steaming up when we walk out of the air conditioning, too. So what’s the science behind the foggy windows?


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Expert Dispels Myths About Urban Tornadoes

An expert says the tornadoes that struck north Minneapolis and Joplin, Mo. on Sunday should dispel a popular myth about twisters and big cities.


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Full Moon Super Show Tonight And Tomorrow

Super full moon show tonight and tomorrow


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Good Question: Is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Science Real?

You might not think that a TV show about a bunch of physics graduate students would be a huge hit, but more than 10 million people watch “The Big Bang Theory” every week. The show uses science as a punch line, but how much of the science in the show is real?


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Science Of Snow Tubing: Fast Rides With An Education

The great thing about snow tubing is you don’t have to be a great athlete to excel on a snow hill. But if you are striving for speed, it does help to know a little bit about science.


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Good To Know: Skeptic’s Reversal On Climate Change

The floods are in the news, and something seems amiss. Springtime is flooding time. All this rain in the fall is unusual. Don Shelby says that’s why they call it global climate change.


Science Scores Improve

Minnesota students are posting slightly higher scores in science than a year ago.