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Scott Fitzgerald

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Wisconsin Lawmaker Targeting Drunken Driving Again

A Wisconsin lawmaker is trying again to increase penalties for drunken driving in the only state in the nation where first-time offenders face tickets, not jail time.


US Soldier

Wisconsin Bill Would Forgive Dead Soldiers’ Taxes

The parents of a Wisconsin soldier killed in Afghanistan are backing a bill that would forgive state income taxes for military members killed in combat.


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Democrat: Wis. GOP Recall Challenges Won’t Stand

Four Republican Wisconsin state senators targeted by recall efforts will fail to successfully challenge enough petition signatures to stave off elections, a Democrat organizing efforts to replace them predicted Friday.


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Penalties Against Democratic Wis. Senators Undone

Wisconsin’s Democratic state senators will have votes they cast in committee counted and other penalties imposed against them will be rescinded after they returned to the state on Saturday.


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Sender Of Threats To Wis. Officials Identified

The Wisconsin Department of Justice says it has identified one of the people who sent at least two death threats to elected officials over the past month.


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Wis. GOP Senators Receive Death Threat E-Mails

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is investigating an e-mail threatening the lives of some Republican state senators.


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Pressure Increasing For Missing Senate Democrats

Staff members of the 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats who skipped town 11 days ago rather than vote on an anti-union bill will now have to get their pay authorized by the Republican leader.