Siebert Field

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‘Most Amazing Race’ Contestants Dash Through Minneapolis

Seventy teams raced around Minneapolis Saturday afternoon hoping to win the Most Amazing Race. It’s all part of the 10th annual Salvation Army’s Most Amazing Race in conjunction with the final day of the Aquatennial.


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PODCAST PAGE: The WCCO Morning News With Dave Lee————–John Hines Hosting. 4-23-14

On Dave Lee’s Birthday, did you miss something from John Hines Fill in shot? Click the link above to listen back to highlights from the podcast section.


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U Of M Opens New Siebert Field

Only in Minnesota do you open a ballpark with snow piled on the side.


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Gophers Set To Break Ground On New Campus Ballpark

The Gophers baseball team is about to break ground on a new stadium.


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Gophers Bid Farewell To Old Siebert Field

Siebert Field has been symbolic before the Metrodome became the Gophers temporary home. As they tear it down to build it back up, the memories come flooding back.


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Gophers Baseballers Say Goodbye To Siebert Field

The Gophers baseball program is saying a final goodbye to Siebert Field.


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Gophers To Play Siebert Field Finale On May 1

The Gophers will celebrate their baseball program with an official final game at deteriorated Siebert Field.


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Gophers Raise Funds, Hope For A New Field

The Gophers baseball team played at Target Field Friday, but is trying to raise enough money for a new field of their own.