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Good Questions: Recycling, Sleet, Inflamed Vocal Cords

Every Friday, we tackle a bunch of viewers’ burning questions. This week, Heather Brown explores recycling protocol, sleet vs. freezing rain, and why your voice gets lower when you’re sick.


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State Patrol: 135 Crashes In Metro Due To Icy Rain, Sleet

Minnesota State Patrol are reporting at least 135 crashes in the metro area due to the icy rain Tuesday. The state patrol said there have been 135 crashes and 40 spin-outs between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Sleet forms when snow falls through a layer of warm air, causing it to melt, and then back into a layer of sub-freezing air that causes it to re-freeze into a pellet of ice. (credit: CBS)

Weather Blog: 1° Of Separation

Well, that was unpleasant. This morning’s mix of wintery precipitation prompted a round of “what is this stuff falling from the sky?” on Twitter and Facebook … and it’s a good question.


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Snow Slowing Traffic, Crippling The Metro & Greater MN

Well, there’s always May, right? It looks like another dose of heavy, wet snow is set to blanket much of Minnesota, where residents have been understandably anxious to see any tangible signs of spring weather.


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Old Man Winter Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you haven’t reached your threshold with snow frustrations quite yet, Thursday morning’s commute will surely take you there.


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Rain, Sleet, Snow Mix Headed For Twin Cities

It could be an eventful first half of the weekend for much of the Twin Cities if the forecast plays out as anticipated.


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Winter Storm Warning: Freezing Rain Hits Minnesota

We’ve got quite the mess of moisture that will make conditions incredibly slick on Sunday.


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Get Ready For A Rainy, Snowy Weekend

The Twin Cities is preparing for a messy weekend as another winter storm is set to pass through Minnesota from Friday night through midday Sunday.


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Crashes Aplenty As Snow Falls Yet Again

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That’s still winter waiting for you outside Wednesday, though the calendar insists it’s spring.


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Weather Blog: Yucky Forecast …

We will see a phase change from rain to sleet and eventually snow in the Twin Cities by Wednesday morning.


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‘Preemptive Strike’ Launched On New Year’s Ice

A wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow could make it an interesting New Year’s Eve for drivers.


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Sleet, Drunk Drivers Could Make For Bad Night On Roads

The Minnesota State Patrol says the snow and sleet coupled with party-goers could make for a bad night on Minnesota roads.


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New Year’s Storms Could Be Recipe For Icy Disaster

Winter weather brings a mix of flavors to Minnesotans with two different storm fronts headed our way in time for New Years.