Snow Emergencies

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Snow Emergencies Lead To Hundreds Of Towed Cars In Minneapolis, St. Paul

Tow truck drivers are still picking up cars parked on unplowed streets and dragging them to the Minneapolis impound lot. It’s been like that for nearly three days, ever since the city imposed a snow emergency, which is designed to get cars off the streets to allow plows to get rid of all the snow.


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Cities Running Low On Salt During Extra-Snowy Season

This winter hasn’t just been tough on our commutes and our psyche, it’s been rough on city budgets, too.


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Winter-Weary Minnesota Gets More Snow

Temporary parking restrictions have been imposed in Minneapolis, St. Paul and several suburbs so plows can clear away as much as a half-foot of snow from the latest storm to hit winter-weary Minnesota.


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Following Snow Emergencies, Cars End Up Impounded

On Wednesday morning, crews across the Twin Cities were working hard to clear all the snow from the streets after many of them declared snow emergencies. As always, that meant drivers needed to be extra cautious of where they parked, or end up getting towed.


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St. Paul & Mpls. In Day 2 Of Snow Emergency

The Twin Cities are each in their second day of snow emergencies Thursday following the three inches of snow that fell on Christmas Eve. In St. Paul, parking is prohibited on all Day Plow routes beginning at 8 a.m., which include all non-posted east-west residential streets and the non-posted side of north-south residential streets. In Minneapolis, there is no parking on the even side of non-snow emergency routes from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.


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Snow Emergencies Lead To Busy Impound Lots

Several residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul woke up Thursday with a big headache on their hands after their car got towed. Snow emergencies went into effect Wednesday night after our first winter storm dumped several inches of snow across much of the Twin Cities.


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Snow Emergency Season Over In Minneapolis

Yes, it feels like winter today. But if you need more proof that spring is coming, consider this — April 1 is the last day for declaring snow emergencies in Minneapolis.


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Snow Emergencies Abound, But MnDOT Pleased With Quick Clean Up

Thousands of Minnesota students had the day off, dozens of flights were canceled and the cleanup is far from over after the Twin Cities got hit with about a foot of snow over the past two days, culminating with Tuesday’s heavy downfall.


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Busy Day For Snow Plow Drivers

Eric Edgett has been plowing driveways and parking lots since midnight. With snow continuing to fall, it’s likely to be hours before he gets a chance to rest.


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Storm-Stranded I-94 Truckers On The Road Again

Things are getting back to normal around Minnesota and Wisconsin after a blast of winter weather.


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Plenty Of Headaches Still Remain From Weekend Snow

After the storm, people are still dealing with what it left behind. Hundreds of Minnesota drivers are left paying repair bills from crashes or impound fees from having their car towed.


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Electronic Signs To Warn Motorists Of Snow Emergencies

A number of electronic signs should help alert motorists avoid getting ticketed and towed in Minneapolis this winter.


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Brown Winter Means More Green For Many Cities

The warm, brown winter that has disappointed snow lovers in much of the U.S. has put more green in the pockets of state and local governments that had their budgets busted last year by the high cost of plowing and running roaring furnaces.


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With Lack Of Snow, Minnesota Cities Saving Money

The lack of snow may be costing some businesses a lot of money, but it is having the opposite effect for many cities.



Mpls. Declares Snow Emergency, New Seasonal Record

The City of Minneapolis has declared its eight snow emergency this winter, which sets a new seasonal record.


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St. Paul, Other Cities Declare Snow Emergencies

The city of St. Paul has declared a snow emergency, starting at 9 p.m. Sunday evening.


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Who’s Cashing In On All The Snow Emergencies?

The weekend snow emergency in Minneapolis and St. Paul proved costly for more than 1,600 people.


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More Tows In Snow Emergencies, More Waiting In Line

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul were in snow emergencies because of the snow that fell Friday morning.


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Mpls., St. Paul Forgo Snow Emergencies For Now

Though another few inches of snow fell on the Twin Cities overnight, both Minneapolis and St. Paul are not declaring snow emergencies. At least for Christmas Eve.


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Mankato City Officials, Residents Tired Of All The Snow

One city in southern Minnesota has already seen more snow than most would like to see all winter long.


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Where Are They Putting All That Snow?

After another round of snow hits the Twin Cities, many people are wondering where they’re putting it all.


A person digs out his driveway after a snow storm December 12, 2010 in Minneapolis. (credit: Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)

Mpls., St. Paul Declare Snow Emergencies

Do you get the impression more days in December have been snow emergency days than not?


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Snowy December May Cause Budget Problem In Mpls.

A snowy December could cause a budget problem in Minneapolis.