New App Created In Mpls. Lets You Connect With KinIf you've ever scrolled through your facebook timeline or twitter feed and thought, "Where are my friends?" the new Kinly app may be for you. Whatever you post goes only to your defined social circle or kin.
Pick-A-Side: What's Your Favorite Social Media Site?
Bill Would Put Facebook Off-Limits To EmployersMinnesota lawmakers are joining a sudden move to block employers from asking applicants for their passwords to social networking sites. The Associated Press reported earlier this month that some public and private employers were seeking the passwords as a way to find out more information about their applicants.
Social Media Site Pinterest A Huge Hit Among WomenHave you pinned today? Pinterest lovers know what we're talking about. The social sharing website is a hit, especially among women.
Sites Help You Manage Your Social Networking ImprintDidn't get the job you really wanted and worked hard to get? You might be able to blame it on your social network score.
Good Question: Why Does Facebook Keep Changing?From the first log-on in the morning to the last status update check at night, everyone seems to be complaining about Facebook.
Social Networking Linked To Teen Drug, Alcohol Use?Are teenagers who spend time on social networking web sites more likely to smoke, drink alcohol and use drugs? A recent Columbia University survey suggests it's true.
Workplace Distractions Cost Companies Millions Per YearA recent study shows workplace distractions cost the average large white-collar company more than $10 million per year.
Is There A Link Between Social Networking And Depression?Facebook, MySpace and Twitter -- most of us are on at least one. In fact, social networking has become such a part of our lives that there was even a movie made about it. Now, several new studies suggest that sites that are supposed to keep you connected, can actually leave you feeling depressed.
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