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Defendant In Minn. Terror Trial Arrested

A Minnesota woman on trial for allegedly funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia was found in contempt of court Monday when she refused to stand for the judge, citing religious grounds.


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Defendant In Minn. Somali Case Gets Own Interpreter

A Somali man accused of helping finance fighters for the terror group al-Shabab will be allowed to have his own court interpreter.


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Somali Language At Issue In Terror Suspect Case

A U.S. court hearing is scheduled to resume for a Somali man accused of helping finance fighters for the terror group al-Shabab.


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Minn. Terror Suspect Sent Home To Await Sentencing

A Somali man who’s been in custody more than two years on terror charges will be released to his parents’ home in Minnesota under strict conditions while he awaits sentencing, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.


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US Gives Another $23M In Grants For Famine Relief

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Reps. Keith Ellison and Tim Walz will participate in a public forum about the ongoing famine in the Horn of Africa.


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Somali Defendant Collapses; Court Hearing On Hold

A U.S. court hearing for a Somali man accused of helping finance fighters for the terror group al-Shabab came to an abrupt end Friday when he collapsed in court and had to be taken to the hospital by paramedics.


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Feed My Starving Children Sends Meals To Africa

The Horn of Africa’s worst famine in 60 years is putting nearly four million people at-risk of starvation in Somalia. But Wednesday, Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children hoped to make a dent in that.


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Minn. Somali Man To Record Stories At Refugee Camp

A young spoken word artist who fled Somalia as a child is returning to a refugee camp where he lived for five years to record the stories of those suffering from a devastating famine.


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Suspect In Minn. Somalis Case To Stay In Custody

A former Minneapolis man accused of recruiting fighters for al-Shabab in Somalia will stay in custody for at least another two weeks.


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Terror Suspect’s Minn. Court Appearance Continued

former Minneapolis resident will make his first Minnesota court appearance on charges he helped recruit about 20 young men to travel to Somalia and fight with the terror group al-Shabab.


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Terror Suspect To Make Minn. Court Appearance

A Somali man and former Minneapolis resident is scheduled to make his first appearance in a Minnesota courtroom on charges he helped recruit about 20 young men to travel to Somalia and fight with the terror group al-Shabab.


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Minn. Program For Immigrant Doctors Loses Funding

A University of Minnesota program that helps immigrant doctors qualify to practice in Minnesota has fallen victim to last month’s state budget agreement.


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Local Groups Work To Raise Money For Somalia

For the first time, we learned drought and famine in Somalia have killed 29,000 children under age 5. In fact, this is the worst drought in 60 years, affecting millions of people in four African countries.


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Lawmaker: 40 Americans Join Terrorists In Somalia

Twice as many Americans as previously reported by law enforcement have traveled overseas to join an al-Qaida-linked organization, a congressional investigation found.


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St. Paul Chief Testifies At Somali Recruitment Hearing

St Paul’s top cop told a congressional committee in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday that a youth outreach program is making inroads in the Somali community.


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US Somalis Move To Ease Misery Of Famine Back Home

Mohamed Hassan gets emotional when he hears about the famine devastating Somalia, recalling his own months-long walk from Mogadishu to Kenya two decades ago as a teenager fleeing the civil war.


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Mid-July Trial Expected In Somali Terror Case

The trial for a man accused of helping other young Somalis travel from Minnesota to their war-torn homeland to allegedly fight with a terror group is on track to begin July 19.


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Minn. Women Face Joint Trial On Terror Charges

A federal judge says he won’t hold separate trials for two Minnesota woman accused of sending money to the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia.


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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges In Somali Case

Defense attorneys for a man accused of helping other young Somalis in Minnesota travel to their war-torn homeland to fight with a terrorist group have a week to verify an FBI report about a suicide bomber that’s being used to support charges against their client, a judge ruled Wednesday.


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Judge Won’t Dismiss Rochester Women’s Terror Case

A federal judge won’t dismiss the indictment against two Minnesota women accused of funneling money to the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia.


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Minn. Woman IDs Alleged Suicide Bomber As Stepson

A St. Paul Somali woman has identified a man thought to have been involved in a suicide bombing in Somalia as her stepson, Farah Mohamed Beledi.


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Militants: Somalia Suicide Bomber From Minnesota

A man who carried out a suicide bomb attack at a peacekeepers’ base in Mogadishu this week was a Somali-American from Minnesota, the militant group al-Shabab said Thursday.


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Not Guilty Plea For Minn. Man In Somali Case

A Minnesota man accused of helping young Somalis travel from the U.S. to fight in their homeland has pleaded not guilty.


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New Details Emerge In Somali Terror Case

A Minnesota man accused of helping young Somali men travel to their war-stricken homeland to possibly fight with a terrorist group held mobilizing meetings at mosques and homes, and conspired to provide money and weapons, prosecutors alleged in a new indictment made public Thursday.


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New Campaign Would Raise Funds For Somalis In Need

Members of the Minneapolis Somali community say they’ve come up with a safe way to send aid to the more than 2 million people displaced by decades of war and a recent drought in their homeland.