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Elk River Center Fielder’s Amazing Catches Make It To ESPN

Elk River freshman center fielder Jayme Langbehn’s incredible catches in the Class 3A state title game Friday made the Top 10 on ESPN’s SportsCenter. With the game tied at three in the bottom of the sixth, Langbehn came up with one of the coolest – not to mention most meaningful – catches in state championship history. “I don’t know…I just knew I needed to catch it,” Langbehn said.


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The Onion’s “Sports Dome”

Chad talked about “The Onion’s” new TV show, “Sports Dome”. We’ve got a link to some video from it.


Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins

Ovechkin Sportscenter Promo

We’ve got a link to the latest Sportscenter promo featuring Alexander Ovechkin, hockey star and… Russian spy?!