State Of The State

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Gov. Dayton Pushes For Political Risks From House Republicans

Gov. Mark Dayton delivered an optimistic State of the State address at the Capitol. The speech rallied Democrats, but did not sway Republicans who oppose his transportation and overall spending proposals. On Friday, Dayton is still asking Republicans to forget about politics and take some risks.


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Dayton Pushes Major Spending Programs In Speech

On Thursday night, Gov. Mark Dayton is slated to deliver his annual State of the State address, the fifth speech of its kind for the two-term Democratic governor.


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Dayton Picks A Date For State Of The State

Gov. Mark Dayton still has some time to write his State of the State speech. The governor’s office on Friday announced he will deliver the annual address to the Legislature on the night of April 9. It comes just after lawmakers return from a spring recess.


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Dayton’s GOP Rivals Pan State Of State Speech

Minnesota Republicans trying to oust Gov. Mark Dayton from office are giving negative reviews to the final State of the State speech of the Democrat’s term. Reaction from the field of challengers was sharp and swift Wednesday night.


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Dayton Seeks ‘Unity Of Purpose’ In State Of State

Gov. Mark Dayton appealed Wednesday for a “unity of purpose” among lawmakers seeking to push Minnesota forward, saying differing political philosophies shouldn’t keep them from achieving progress in a state that he says is “much better than before.”


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Dayton: Tax Cuts Caused Minn. Economic Problems

Gov. Mark Dayton said he’ll use his State of the State address to explain and defend his budget proposal.


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Dayton Plans Feb. 6 State Of State Address

Gov. Mark Dayton is planning to deliver his State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature on Feb. 6.


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Dayton’s State Of The State Faces Skeptical GOP

Gov. Mark Dayton has rarely shown a gift for soaring rhetoric, but he’ll have to summon a little magic Wednesday for a State of the State speech that could be his last chance in a short legislative session to convince skeptical Minnesota Republicans they should unite with him.


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Dayton To Deliver State Of The State In Feb.

Gov. Mark Dayton will deliver his second State of the State address on the evening of Feb. 15 in the Minnesota House chamber.


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Dayton Won’t Rule Out Blink-Off Tax In MN Budget

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says his proposal for higher income taxes might include a feature to have the increase blink off once budget conditions improve.


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Dayton Seeks No-Shutdown Pledge In State Of State

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton pushed state lawmakers Wednesday for a firm commitment that they won’t let a budget fight reach the point of a government shutdown, saying compromise must rise above partisan posturing.


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GOP Legislators Tepid On Dayton’s State Of State

Top Republican lawmakers are reacting tepidly to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s first State of the State speech.


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An Ex-Governor’s Perspective On State Of The State

With only hours until Gov. Mark Dayton’s State of the State address, former Minnesota Gov.Arne Carlson sheds light on several issues he would approach in the address, starting with the budget.


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Dayton To Give His 1st State Of The State Speech

Gov. Mark Dayton will deliver his first State of the State speech to lawmakers next month.