Steve Thomson

Baseball This Week – 8/22/10

The Twins continue to build a lead in the AL Central, despite losing to L.A. Saturday night.  Eric previews the Twins-Angels finale, while updating everyone on how the White Sox fared.  Steve Thomson stops by […]


A Golf Course Guide for Us Weekend Hacks

Not every golfer can stripe the ball like Tiger or Phil.  And Bruce Stasch, as one of us casual golfers, knows this.  He has written a book that covers not only the fairways and greens […]


7/12/10 Hinsight – Steve Thomson in for John Hines

Steve talks with Blois Olson about the upcoming Minnesota primary. Steve is joined by Dick Worwick who recently won 3/4 of a million dollars on a slot machine!


Minnesota Law – 6/12/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Brian Short of Leamington Co. on the topic of “What Makes Mediation Work.”


S&S Trees Home and Garden Show – 6/5/10

Yard and Garden questions AND answers along with WCCO radio host Steve Thomson.


Minnesota Law – 6/5/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Mathew Meyer on the topic of “Selling Toys:  It’s No Longer Child’s Play.”  Mathew and Tom will be discussing the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) (which established limits on […]




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