Steven Soderbergh

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Movie Blog: ‘Magic Mike’ Has Both Tricks & Treats

The reviews are pretty wildly mixed on Magic Mike, the new roman à clef on Channing Tatum’s once-disreputable-now-vanguard previous career as a stripper.


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Movie Blog: ‘Extremely Loud’ And Just Plain Loud

A few quick notes on the movies I covered in my Friday movie segment this week.


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Movie Blog: Many Minnesotans Die, Brit Kids Fight Back

Frankly, humanity takes a big beating most weekends at the movies, the kind of beating that leaves society in shambles and produces thousands upon thousands of interchangeable corpses. But rarely do each week’s new movies take the time out to focus on humanity losing its will to survive right here in Minnesota.


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Movie Blog: Last-Minute Summer Sleepers

So far as the multiplex is concerned, summer has been over for precisely three weeks — that is, the amount of time the number one slot of the weekend box office charts has been held by The Help.