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Record Warmth Makes For Some Winter Fun

For late December in Minnesota, it can’t get much better then Saturday’s weather. There was sunshine, and a high temperature that broke a 117-year-old record. Aaron Howe of Independence tried to fend off snowballs thrown by his two children. “It’s been fantastic. We grilled out last night, and it’s kind of a nice warm spell to have in Minnesota after the holidays,” Howe said.


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John Williams “SPRING CD MIX” For 2013.

Mix Master John Williams “Jskillz,” put this together just for you today! Happy Spring!


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Savoring The Sunshine In Downtown Minneapolis

A lot of people took longer lunch breaks today, taking in what could be the last warm weather before winter.


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Weather Blog: More Sunshine, Warm Weather Ahead

After a beautiful first weekend of October, expect more sunshine and unseasonably warm weather for this upcoming week.


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Weather Blog: Cool Sunshine

Our average high temperature in the Twin Cities is now 46 degrees, but we’ll top out in the lower 30s this weekend.


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Minn. Man Draws Link Between Sunshine, Birth

Since first seeing a 1972 photograph of Earth taken on the final Apollo mission, an iconic shot of the planet partially shrouded in white puffs, David Cummings had often wondered what effect clouds have on humans.