Suspicious Package

(credit: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

Man Charged With Leaving Explosive Bag In U Of M Building

A 35-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of leaving a potentially explosive bag inside a University of Minnesota building before making suicidal comments to authorities, according to charges filed Wednesday in Hennepin County Court.


Airport Delay Suspicious Package

Suspicious-Looking Box Prompts MSP Airport Shutdown

Authorities said at least part of Terminal 2 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was evacuated Friday morning after a report of a suspicious package in the ticketing area.


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Ramsey Co. Courthouse Briefly Shutdown Due To Suspicious Package

The Ramsey County Courthouse has been reopened after a brief shutdown due to a suspicious package Wednesday morning.


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Operations Resume At Terminal 2 After Evacuation

Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was evacuated for about two hours Sunday and one woman was being questioned by police after authorities found a device that appeared suspicious.


Mall of America (credit: Timo Gans/AFP/Getty Images)

Authorities Investigate Suspicious Package At MOA

Things at the Mall of America are back to normal after someone left a bag unattended on Friday.


Mall of America (credit: Timo Gans/AFP/Getty Images)

MOA Cleared, Man Detained After Report Of Suspicious Package

Bloomington police say a man making vague statements about “blowing up America” prompted a brief lockdown Friday in a portion of the Mall of America.


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St. Francis Council Member Cited For Fake Police Report

A 78-year-old member of the St. Francis City Council was cited Thursday by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office for filing a false police report after he mailed himself a package that he tried to tell police was suspicious.


(credit: CBS)

‘U’ Morrill Hall Evacuated After Suspicious Package Found

A cell phone inside a box forced the evacuation of Morrill Hall at the University of Minnesota.


Suspicious Device Distrupts Oakdale Neighborhood

Street closed, homes evacuated after discovery of what looked like a pipe bomb.