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Best Summer Movie Events In Minnesota

Check out these interesting alternatives in Minnesota to the usual summer blockbuster movies.


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Movie Blog: This Week’s Best Bets

The B movies are starting to push out some of the underperforming Oscar contenders from area multiplexes. Maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere for your movie fixes.


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Movie Blog: This Week’s Best Bets

They always say in the summer that the best way to keep cool is to duck into a movie theater. What do they say you should do when the weather is as cold as it’s […]


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Movie Blog: This Week’s Best Bets

First off, I love January, February and March. Every boilerplate-looking B-movie offers the chance to be delightfully surprised. Second, broaden your scope to explore some of this week’s indie and repertory choices.


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Movie Blog: Highlights From Sound Unseen Fest 2012

The Trylon Microcinema, Take-Up Productions and 89.3 The Current are teaming up to bring you this year’s finest selection of music- and art-centric films, many of which are receiving their local or regional premieres. Yes, it’s time to delve deep into Sound Unseen!


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Movie Blog: July Highlights: Hepburn, Keaton, Grier

The weather’s been beastly hot for the last few days. Whether or not it stays that way through the rest of July, there are plenty of options at the Twin Cities’ rep and art houses to keep you indoors and out of the sun.


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Movie Blog: Cures For Summertime Movie Blues

That Hollywood’s usual Jujyfruit summer offerings this year have been subpar is no secret. Though the season kicked off with the hit The Avengers, almost every big release since has underperformed or just tanked flat out.


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Movie Blog: Twice The Premieres At Trylon

Remember Trylon’s Premiere Tuesdays? Well, they’re doubling the number of days you can see them each week, and they’re doubling the number of movies they present every month.


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Movie Blog: Trylon, Dietrich Get Us ‘Falling In Love Again’

There have been any number of great director-actor pairings throughout movie history. But none of these cinematic love affairs (such as they were) can hold a candle to the union of Josef Von Sternberg and fellow émigré Marlene Dietrich.


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Movie Blog: Sound Unseen Plugs In, Amps Up

Remember that scene at the beginning of Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox’s time-traveler Marty McFly plugs his guitar into Doc Brown’s two-story amplifier? That rush Marty got as he was sent careening into the opposite wall of the garage may compare favorably to the feeling some Twin Cities film and music fans are getting.


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Movie Blog: Trylon Gets Weird In October

The Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis is letting things get a little weird in that tiny screening room during the month of October. Not only are they presenting a series of classics in surrealism, but they’re also presenting some great new, befuddling work from filmmakers you may not be familiar with.


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Movie Blog: ‘Circus’ Clowns Are Scary

Not since Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre, or at least Full Moon Pictures’ Killjoy, has the world of circus clowning been given so dark an acid bath.


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Movie Blog: Trylon, Film Society Heat Up This Fall

In the summer, audiences flock to movie theaters to cool down in the air conditioning. But as temperatures cool off in autumn, local programmers at our trusty retro houses are turning up the heat on their offerings.


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Movie Blog: Billy Wilder Poisons Trylon & Heights

Billy Wilder, one of the most beloved crust-buckets in Hollywood history, has so many acerbic hits to his name that two local theaters are splitting the bill to present Wilder’s highlights during August.


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Movie Blog: ‘Hadewijch’ A Problem Like Maria

To borrow from Rogers & Hammerstein: How do you hold twenty-nine palms upon your hand? The answer is to jam the stems into your stigmata.


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Movie Blog: Sink Into Boonmee’s Previous Lives

There have been at least three masterpieces among Twin Cities movie releases this year so far. The third played only once at the Walker, but now gets a second chance thanks to the Trylon Microcinema’s Premiere Tuesdays series.


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Movie Blog: Feline Female Double Shot

Slinky is in season this week thanks to two presentations from Take-Up Productions.


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Movie Blog: Composers In The Limelight

From the looks of some of the repertory programming around town this spring, music’s role in moviemaking is greatly undervalued.