Tarryl Clark

(credit: Chip Cravaack)

Cravaack Is Starting His Run For Re-Election Early

Minnesota Congressman Chip Cravaack says attack ads are pressuring him to begin running for re-election.


(credit: Minnesota Senate)

Clark To Run Against Cravaack In 8th District

Former Democratic state senator Tarryl Clark is planning another run for Congress — but this time from another district.


(credit: Minnesota Senate)

Bachmann Opponent Clark To Lead Green-Jobs Effort

The Democrat who lost in her bid to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann will lead a nine-state grassroots campaign to create clean-energy jobs.


Saturday Night with Esme Murphy – 10/23/10

In this Internet age, are your kids spending too much time in front the monitors?  Dr. Hilarie Cash is the co-founder and co-executive director of Restart.  She talks to Esme about the Internet addiction recovery […]


Reality Check: Bachmann, Clark On Lawmaker Pay

Like most of the ads from both sides in the 6th District Congressional race, Michele Bachmann’s ad about Tarryl Clark is negative.


Reality Check: Bachmann And Social Security

Tarryl Clark accurately represents what Michele Bachmann said about Social Security. But the ad uses deceptive images that could mislead seniors into thinking they might lose their benefits.


9/9/10 Chad Hartman 2pm Hour

In the final hour of his Thursday show, Chad talked about the shooting of a collared bear… Then he talked about Tarryl Clark’s response to Michele Bachman’s “Election Jim” ad series…


HINESight with guest host Esme Murphy – 9/8/10

Esme is talking politics and focusing on Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District race.  She speaks with both challenger Tarryl Clark and incumbent Michele Bachmann.  And which city did Budget Travel recently call the coolest small town […]


Saturday Night with Esme Murphy – 9/4/10

Two former Hooters waitresses have the opportunity to continue their weight discrimination case against the company after a judge dropped a motion to dismiss the cases.  Dr. Karen Gail Lewis joins the program to talk […]


9/2/10 Michele with Sen. Tarryl Clark

Day 8 of the State Fair! Michele was joined at the Fair by State Senator Tarryl Clark who’s running for Congress as a Democrat in the 6th District…




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