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What Would You Rather Be Doing Tonight?

A couple of different viewing options tonight…….Vote to let Michele know what your choice would be!


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Kids’ Time In Front Of TV Linked To Eye, Heart Problems

Children today spend more time than ever in front of a screen and, as new study shows, it can damage their health down the road.


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Man Accused Of Whipping Children Who Switched TV

A Roseville man is accused of whipping his two children for changing the TV channel from a Christian station.


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Good Question: How Much Work Goes Into A TV Show?

Jason DeRusha and Good Question had the unique opportunity to look behind the scenes on a Hollywood set. So, what’s their goal? To answer a viewer’s question: How many episodes and how much work goes into putting a TV show on the air?


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Help Michele Tafoya Vote On The SAG Awards!

Michele is a voting member of SAG, and is looking for your input into the upcoming awards vote.


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Top Thanksgiving TV Episodes

Thanksgiving is a great time to talk classic television. Here’s a list of the “Top Thanksgiving Episodes” from some of our favorite TV programs. To see the list and some clips, click here…


HINESight – 10/12/10

With the rescue of the Chilean Miners occurring tonight, John believes this will be one of those moments where you’ll remember what you were doing or where you were watching.  In that case, he wonders […]