Movie Blog: MSPIFF Wraps Up After 3 WeeksRemember back when the 2011 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival began? Remember how much colder it was that April 14th? The high temperature struggling to just barely edge into the 60s? Man, that seems like so long ago now. Oh wait ...
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'Stake Land'The second to last night of MSPIFF bites ... in a post-apocalyptic vampire kinda way.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'My Joy'The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival is winding down, but some of the biggest titles are still in play, at least so far as exposure on the international festival circuit goes. For instance, "My Joy."
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'Sleeping Beauty'To be blunt, I'm not sure Catherine Breillat cares what I think about her movies. In fact, I'm sure she cares about what I don't think about her movies. Actually, I suspect she thinks I don't think at all.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'Free Radicals'Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film plays like a hip-hop collaboration in which a rapper or producer features the rhymes or rhythms of his rapper and producer friends.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'The Man Who Will Come'The WWII pictorial drama is probably going to forever be a staple of European cinema. Instead of the Cinema Paradiso school, call it Cinema Inferno.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'Bill Cunningham'According to the MSPIFF website, the top-rated movie (as measured by audience vote) still set to have another screening is "Bill Cunningham New York."
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'Russian Lessons'<em>Russian Lessons</em> is a structurally strange and intense documentary on the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlights: 2 Docs, 'Applause'No shortage of what the MSPIFF Facebook page just termed "post-Easter brunch options" today. And some of them are, I hate to tell those of you already nursing a chocolate egg hangover, just about essential viewing.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlights: 'Mailer,' 'Assassins'Norman Mailer is revealed as a family man, and Japanese punk auteur Takashi Miike settles down and kills 200 men.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlights: 'Journey,' 'Useful Life'"Journey of a Dream" is a fantastic exploration of the Tibetan diaspora and the movement to free Tibet from Chinese occupation. "A Useful Life" is droning, relentless, somewhat boring.
Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: 'Mad Bastards'With buttery panoramic imagery and free range cinematography, the Australian drama "Mad Bastards" is a raw but frequently poetic look at the lives, in a matter of speaking, of the Aboriginal actors who portray them.

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