The John Williams Show

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Vocal Group ‘Home Free’ Sings On The John Williams Show

Home Free, contestants on the show “The Sing Off,” stopped in to chat with John Williams on Monday!


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John Williams Video Smack Down For 10-15!

A new champ takes on an out of this world contestant! View the videos and vote today by clicking the link.


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John Williams Video Smackdown for 7-18

A Basketball Dunk vs. a Basketball Kiss….Vote for today’s champ on the Video Smack Down!


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Hastings Police Set To Auction Off Classic Mustang

The Hastings Police Department is auctioning off a classic Mustang this weekend that they took possession of last year when the owner was convicted of DWI.


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Radio Listeners Chime In On Obama Birth Certificate Issue

Did Barack Obama change any minds with the release of his long-form birth certificate?


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Using Metrodome Roof Fabric For Charity

The process begins as we pick up the Dome roof fabric with the help of Air Corps Mechanical Contractors from Roseville.



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