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2-25-14 The Morning Take With Blois Olson On The WCCO Morning News With Dave Lee

Day one of the 2014 session is here. Listen to Blois preview the session by clicking the link above!



10-17-13 The Morning Take On The Morning News!

7 of the 8 Congressional Representatives from Minnesota voted for the Bill…..


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State Health Official Warns Of Increased Mosquito And Tick Levels

State health epidemiologist Dave Neitzel says the wet and cold spring will bring a bumper crop of pests for the summer.


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Astronomical Diagram

Tuesday morning there’s a conjunction between the thin crescent moon, Mars, and the Pleiades star cluster in the eastern sky.


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4-Way Planetary Conjunction

Here’s another diagram for the four-way planet conjunction in the early morning sky.


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Planets Align

There’s a nice conjunction of four planets in the early morning sky. This won’t happen again for many years.


Dave Lee & Julie

Check Out Dave Lee’s New Fireplace & Stone Work From Fireside Hearth & Home

Dave:  Over 14 years ago, Julie and I converted our wood fireplace into a gas fireplace and we did it with Fireside Hearth and Home.   It was a dramatic change for us


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More Celestial Conjunctions

There’s a nice conjunction between two bright planets between Jupiter and Mercury in the low western sky in the late evening twilight.


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Celestial Conjunctions

There’s going to be some nice conjunctions with the moon in the skies the next few nights.


(credit: NASA)

International Space Station, Shuttle Visibility

The International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Discovery are now docked and will visible to the naked eye this week.