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(credit: Ordway Center)

Curiocity: Fela! Packs A Powerful Punch

Prepare to emerge yourself in Fela Kuti’s world. You are no longer the quiet theater-goer, watching from a distance, simply taking in a show at the Ordway Center on Tuesday night. You are part of Fela’s shrine – and as such, part of the madness.


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Curiocity: Beyond Alert At ‘Spring Awakening’

It’s been about three hours since I saw “Spring Awakening” Saturday night at the Orpheum Theatre and yet — I’m still not sure what to say about it.


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Curiocity: A Rockin’ History Lesson At ‘MudShark’

If someone would’ve told me yesterday that I was going to a show in a bowling alley, full of Nazi jokes, heroin references and even a PBB & J tasting (the extra “B” stands for bacon – yes, bacon), I would’ve promptly taken them to the nearest rehab facility.


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Curiocity: ‘Rock Of Ages,’ A Rose Without A Thorn

Welcome to the 1980s. A time when the “fist pump” was a more horizontal motion than a vertical one, big hair had nothing to do with volume injections but plenty to do with the brushstrokes of a comb and the men wore more makeup than the women.