Best Tips For Adoptive Families In The Twin Cities

Waiting for that phone call can feel like a lifetime, but when it comes you know you’re about to embark on a parenting journey like no other. Are you wondering where to turn now that your little one has arrived? Or are you just getting started in the adoptive process and need more information? Here are some of the best tips for adoptive families in the Twin Cities.

CBS Minnesota–11/07/2010

Saturday Night with Esme Murphy – 7/17/10

This past week, Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer met with restaurant workers to discuss his proposals for tips added on to their regular wages.  The meeting got pretty heated, but what would these proposals mean for […]


John Williams Show

Raising the driving age for teens Should service tips be taxed? Emmers wants to give the first 20 K tax free


Tom Talks Tips at Town Meeting

A week after suggesting that tips for waiters be included in their minimum wages, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer will sit down with servers to talk about his controversial idea.