Tobacco Bonds

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Minn. Completes Refinancing Of Tobacco Bonds

Minnesota has completed the refinancing of tobacco revenue bonds after the state Supreme Court ruled the move is constitutional.


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Minn. House Democrats Urge No More Tobacco Bonds

The expectation of another Minnesota budget deficit has legislators girding for another difficult debate.


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Minnesota Finalizes Sale Of $757M In Tobacco Bonds

Minnesota finance officials said Thursday they’ve completed the sale of $757 million in bonds using the state’s future tobacco lawsuit settlement dollars as the repayment stream — a move that comes with substantial costs.


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Tobacco Bonds In MN Budget Come At Hefty Price

The budget deal that ended Minnesota’s government shutdown comes with a hefty price: It relies heavily on borrowing $640 million against money from the state’s 1998 tobacco settlement, but might cost that same amount in interest — plus a substantial annual revenue loss for years to come.