Good Question: Why Don't We Remember Traumatic Events?Comedian Tracy Morgan has spent the past year recovering from broken bones and serious brain injuries after a serious car accident. He also said he didn't remember anything about the crash. So, why don't we remember traumatic events? Good Question.
How To Save On Sightseeing In New York CityMany of New York's top attractions can be visited for free or at a discount.
Local Skydivers On Today ShowSkydiving survivors talk to Today Show about their experience. Also, watch the video of the crash.
Cheney Sits Down With Lauer
Real Life Law And Order
Is This Guy A Sex Offender
Crocodile Follow Up
Anthony Prosecutor On Today Show
Meredith Viera Hosts Last Today ShowNBC Today Show host Meredith Viera received a warm send-off on her last day with the program.
Today Show: Mothers Of Teen Girls That Committed SuicideIn a gripping interview this morning, the mothers of the teen girls who followed through on a suicide pact appeared and talked about how they're handling the tragedy. Check out the video.
Expose On "Baby Can Read"Consumer groups are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate claims by a company that its product can help a baby as young as 3 months old to learn to read. Sound suspicious? Check out the video from the Today Show.
Today Show: Travel TricksThe Today Show did an investigative report this morning on the tricks that hotels, resorts and restaurants use to try and get you to book with them online. We've got a link to the video.

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