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Tom Petters

(credit: Hennepin County Jail)

Hedge Fund Managers Plead Guilty In Petters’ Case

Two Florida hedge fund managers have pleaded guilty to lying to investors about investments in convicted Minnesota businessman Tom Petters’ former company.


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3 Men Indicted In Petters’ Fraud Case

Three Florida men were indicted in Minneapolis Federal Court on Wednesday for fraudulently marketing a hedge fund’s investments in Petters Company, Inc.


(credit: Sherburne County Jail)

Edina Woman Pleads Guilty In Petters case

A 43-year-old Edina woman has pleaded guilty for her role in the $3.7 billion Ponzi scheme allegedly led by Tom Petters.


(credit: Sherburne County Jail)

SEC Gets Order Freezing Petters Settlement Money

Federal regulators have won a court order against a hedge fund manager they accuse of funneling hundreds of millions of dollars from investors in his funds to the $3.7 billion Ponzi scheme run by convicted Minnesota businessman Tom Petters.


(credit: Hennepin County Jail)

Federal Appeals Court Hears Petters Case

A federal appeals court hears oral arguments on whether Minnesota businessman Tom Petters deserves a new trial after being convicted of orchestrating a $3.7 billion Ponzi scheme.


(credit: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office)

Esme’s Blog: Denny Hecker And Tom Petters

Denny Hecker’s attorney made the point at sentencing that Denny Hecker was not like Tom Petters because for years he ran a legitimate business.


(credit: Sherburne County Jail)

Federal Appeals Court To Hear Petters Case Feb. 17

A federal appeals court has scheduled oral arguments for Feb. 17 in the Tom Petters case.


(credit: Sherburne County Jail)

JPMorgan Sued Over Petters Scheme

In a story Dec. 30 about the receiver in the Tom Petters Ponzi case suing to recover funds from JPMorgan Chase & Co., The Associated Press reported erroneously that JPMorgan and its affiliates seized more than $300 million in wake of Petters’ arrest. JPMorgan seized $25 million from Petters’ accounts after a 2008 FBI raid that led to Petters’ arrest. This $25 million is the target of the receiver’s latest lawsuit.


Petters Lawsuits Rack Up

  More than 200 lawsuits filed so far in bankruptcy proceedings. Lawsuits are racking up in the Tom Petters three-billion dollar Ponzi scheme.  The Star Tribune reports that the number of lawsuits against those who […]

830 WCCO–10/25/2010

10/11/10 Steve Thomson on Hinesight!

Steve Thomson is in for Hines and he talks to lawyer Tom Shroyer of Moss & Barnett.  The Petters case is making news again plus much more!


9/30/10 Chad Hartman 12pm Hour

In his first hour on Thursday, Chad talked about new developments with Carl Palladino who’s running for governor in New York… Then he interviewed attorney Doug Kelley who’s trying torecover funds from Tom Petters fraud…


Another Sentencing In Petters Ponzi Scheme

 Six years in prison. That’s the sentence imposed on an Illinois hedge fund manager who admitted to cashing in on the Tom Petters Ponzi scheme.


Another Sentence In Petters Ponzi Scheme

Another defendant in the Tom Petters Ponzi scheme is headed to prison.


Saturday Night with Esme Murphy – 9/11/10

Is it getting harder for parents to let their kids go when the youngsters head off to college and into the work world?  Marshall Duke, professor of psychology at Emory University, looks into that question. […]


Minnesota Law – 9/4/10

Tom Shroyer will be hosting Allan Caplan of Caplan Law Firm, P.A., on the topic of “Settling the Score on the Petters Ponzi”.


HINESight with guest host Steve Thomson – 9/3/10

Stevie T. guest hosts for John on this Friday edition of HINESight.  In this episode, Steve talks Tom Petters whistleblower Deanna Coleman and Denny Hecker’s troubles with Minnesota Law host Tom Shroyer, everything on the political […]


Steele Talkin' with guest host Esme Murphy – 8/22/10

The Tom Petters fraud case has provided a lot of twists and turns through the city’s recent memory.  Esme had a Reporter Roundtable to discuss the case gone by and the residual effects of it […]


Leniency Sought for Petters Whistleblower

Prosecutors are seeking a lenient sentence for the woman who blew the whistle on Minnesota businessman Tom Petters’ alleged $3.7 billion Ponzi scheme.