Tom Stinson

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Long-Serving MN State Economist Tom Stinson Retires

Tom Stinson, the Minnesota state economist whose budget forecasts have shaped tax and spending decisions at the state Capitol for nearly three decades, announced Monday he is retiring. With 26 years on the job, Stinson, 70, is the longest-serving state economist since the position was created.


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Reality Check: Sequester’s Impact On Minn. Is Lower Than Most

Minnesotans could suffer from those budget cuts too. Some over time, and some right away.


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Next Minn. Economic Outlook Due Feb. 28

Minnesota lawmakers are being told to expect a new state economic forecast on Feb. 28, but also being warned that more uncertainty from Washington will cloud the picture.


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GOP Panel Backs Minn. Cash-Flow Borrowing

A panel of Republican lawmakers has given Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget chief its stamp of approval for the state to borrow from a line of credit if necessary to meet cash flow needs in a shaky economy.


9/20/10 John Hines with Tom Stinson

On Monday, John Hines (in for Michele Tafoya) spoke with Minnesota State Economist Tom Stinson about a report released today that said that the recession ended in June of 2009…