Tommy Mischke

6/21/10 Mischke

Hour One : Mischke takes on Stonehenge, Lady GaGa, Van Der Sloot and a hollering contest. Hour Two: Tommy and T.W. discuss the life and times of Van Morrison with Greil Marcus, author of  ‘When […]


06/15/10 Mischke:

Hour One: Mischke talks unmanned drones and New Hampshire. Plus, a special bonus: Tommy’s first Buick Studios meltdown! Hour Two: Mischke shares a conversation with Ramblin’ Jack.


6/14/10 Mischke

Hour One: Tommy’s talking feet! From high heels to sandals to onychomycosis, it’ s all here on demand. Oh yeah, and the oil spill. Hour Two: Music Makes the World Go ‘Round with Terry Walsh. […]


6/08/10 Mischke

Hour One: Mischke examines the oil spill, a very very old person, the country music language barrier and a firing squad. Hour Two: Tommy expounds on the most important stories of the day. Gladiators, the […]


6/7/10 Mischke: Hour 2

Music Makes the World Go ‘Round with Terry Walsh. Tonights topics: Rock Star encounters and Lyrics.


6/7/10 Mischke: Hour 1

Tommy waxes poetic on the Minneapolis skyline, pot smoking poker players and nude religious icons.


6/01/10 Mischke: Hour 1

Mischke addresses a number of very important topics including but not limited to: Willie Gault, gout, natural highs, pizza marketing and non-commitment rings.


6/01/10 Mischke: Hour 2

An uplifting hour of divorce and depression. Plus, Mischke helps a loyal listener study for the big exam.