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Rubio Talks Basketball, Fans And Food In 1-On-1 Interview

There’s no doubt Ricky Rubio has been the jolt of electricity the Timberwolves needed. From the moment he arrived in Minnesota, he’s been fan favorite.



Twins Blog: Holiday Gifts

The holidays are upon us and no matter what religion you celebrate, there are a few unifying traditions. One of them is gifts. I am someone who likes to buy unique gifts — not whatever the hot holiday item is.


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Twins Blog: Looking Ahead To 2012

Are you over of the Twins 2011 season? Have the wounds from repeated injuries and losses got you down? Have you already packed up your Twins gear? Then it’s time to look ahead to 2012!


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9/11 Attack Sparked Action For Mendota Heights Man

When the Twin Towers fell 10 years ago on Sept. 11, Americans reacted in ways they’ll never forget. For some, the sight of the twisted metal, debris and flames brought on heartache and confusion. But for others, it sparked a call to action.


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Twins Blog: Sounds Of The Ballpark

There are sounds you expect to hear at when you go to a ball game, like the organist and vendors selling beer. But there are other sounds fans have become accustom to — the music.


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Twins Blog: Behind The Scenes With The Grounds Crew

The lush green grass of the outfield is one of the first things you notice when walking into Target Field. It certainly doesn’t groom itself. It’s the labor of love that seven dedicated men call their office.


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Twins Blog: Ellen Extravaganza At Target Field

This fall on Channel 4 — “E” is the new “O.”


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Twins Blog: Heating Up

The Twins have turned the page on the calendar, and turned the corner on their season.


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Twins Blog: Keeping Score

Baseball is a game of numbers. Three strikes. Three outs. Nine innings. But there are many more numbers needed to keep score.


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Twins Blog: The Frustration Sets In

I know how this season looks so far. It’s not good. This season is getting off to an awfully slow start.



Twins Blog: Rain, Uh, Mist Cancellation

The summer camp I went to growing up had a saying, “it never rains … it only heavy dews.” No matter how heavy of a downpour, camp activities went on. Same can’t be said for baseball.


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Twins Blog: Meeting Joe Mauer’s Biggest Fans

A few weeks ago, we told you about a contest Kemps was holding to find the biggest family of Joe Mauer fans.


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Twins Blog: Let’s Get This Season Started!

Spring Training is underway and in two weeks, Twins will be back at their new home inside Target Field.


Minnesota Twins Photo Day

Twins Blog: Mauer’s #1 Fan’ily

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And when it comes to baseball, fans really scream for Joe Mauer.


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Twins Blog: Smell Of A New Season

My season tickets arrived this weekend. I did a happy dance when I opened the box.


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Twins Blog: Anticipating Spring Training

Most girls can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. They anxiously await the gifts and time spent with their loved ones. I’m not most girls. As I write this, on Feb. 14, I’m thinking of my loved ones: the Minnesota Twins.


The WCCO Morning Crew on their "night" out to see the new movie "Morning Glory." (credit: CBS)

Movie Blog: Morning Team Checks ‘Morning Glory’

The WCCO Morning Team took a special field trip out to catch the new movie Morning Glory, which details the trials and tribulations of pulling off a news show when most people are still sleeping.