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Public Vs. Private College: The Experience

The cost may be the most blatant difference between attending a public or private university, but what if the cost turns out to be the same after financial aid? This is when many students are left wondering what each type of school can offer, and whether one is worth more than the other.


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Public Vs. Private College: The Cost

Often the first decision in the college application process is whether to go to a public or private college. So what to choose? Public or private? The answer isn’t as simple as the question.


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Sugar Babies

Have you heard about the newest way to take care of your school loans? Arianna Huffington talks about “sugar babies”. Watch the story.


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New ‘U’ President Talks Priorities & Changes

It’s the first official day on the job for Eric Kaler, the 16th President of the University of Minnesota. He informally assumed the reins and responsibility for the U’s $3.7 billion budget last Friday, the same day the state government shutdown went into effect.



MnSCU Trustees OK Budget With Tuition Increases

The trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system have approved a budget that raises tuition, cuts programs and eliminates positions.


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‘U’ Regents Approve 5 Percent Tuition Hike

University of Minnesota Regents passed a budget that cuts millions and raises tuition, but not before board members offered strong words.


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Likely Rising Tuition Fees Have U Of M Students Upset

Getting a degree from the University of Minnesota could cost students more next year. The Board of Regents will vote on a plan to increase tuition at its meeting Monday.


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MnSCU Trustees Consider Tuition Hike

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is moving ahead with a budget that would raise tuitionan average of nearly 4 percent at its 25 two-year colleges.


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Tuition Rises In Proposed MnSCU Budget

Tuition in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system would go up next year in the proposed budget that goes before the Board of Trustees on Wednesday.


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Wis. Lawmakers Agree To Change Minn. Tuition Deal

Wisconsin college students will have to pay more to attend the University of Minnesota under a change approved by the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget committee.


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U Of M Law School Prepares For No State Funding

With another round of cuts to higher education expected from the Legislature this year, the University of Minnesota Law School is adapting in a dramatic way — by working toward financial independence.


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Wis. Students May Pay More To Attend UMinn.

It may cost Wisconsin college students more money to attend college in Minnesota under a proposal backed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.



MnSCU Students March To Protest Tuition Hikes

Around 400 students from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system rallied on the steps of the Capitol against tuition increases.


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Different Fees Considered For UMN Programs

The Board of Regents is considering a way to even the cost of tuition at the University of Minnesota’s 11 colleges.


U of M Considers Tuition Hike

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents is reviewing a budget that calls for a tuition hike of 4.4 percent.




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