Two Airline Pilots Report Seeing The Same UFO Pass Their PlanesBoth planes reported the sighting and now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a radio broadcast of the out-of-this-world incident.
Finding Minnesota: Deputy's UFO Encounter Every now and then, someone calls 911 about mysterious objects in the sky. Most can be explained away as atmospheric conditions or aircraft -- or sometimes just too much whiskey.
Finding Minnesota: The Shark, The Rocket & Other Oddities Along I-35Drivers do a lot of double takes along I-35 in the south metro, where a life-sized shark statue is on a hillside next to a replica submarine, rocket ship and something resembling a Martian vehicle. They’re there to draw attention to Hot Sam's, an antique shop overlooking an eclectic salvage yard that's been nicknamed an "antique theme park."
UFO On Google?
Viral Video for Tuesday June 28th
New JFK Conspiracy TheoryNew information has surfaced that leads some conspiracy theorists to suggest that the assassination of President Kennedy might have been tied to his request to the CIA for information on UFO's. We've got a link to the story.
9/22/10 John Williams Show
John Williams 9-16-10
Man Cited for Flying 'UFO' Kite
Saturday Night with Esme Murphy - 7/10/10
Esme Murphy discusses a UFO sighting in Lakeville on the Fourth of July

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