Valeria Silva

Superintendent: Loaded Gun Found In Backpack In St. Paul High SchoolA loaded gun was found Wednesday morning in a student's backpack at Harding High School in St. Paul. Superintendent of St. Paul Schools Valeria Silva says the gun was discovered after a teacher called for authorities to do a search for marijuana.
St. Paul Superintendent Withdraws From Florida Job ConsiderationThough she made it to the final four candidates, the superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools says she is withdrawing from consideration for a job in Florida. Valeria Silva was one of 72 to apply for a superintendent job in Palm Beach County, Florida.
St. Paul Schools Superintendent Applies For Florida JobThe superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools has applied for another job. Valeria Silva is one of 72 applicants listed as a candidate for a superintendent job in Palm Beach County, Florida. Finalists will be announced Wednesday.
St. Paul Superintendent Apologizes For Ferguson TweetThe superintendent of St. Paul Public Schools has apologized for a tweet she sent out after the grand jury's decision in Ferguson, Missouri.
School Superintendents Push Lawmakers For More Affordable HousingRepresentatives from some of the state's largest school districts say there are more homeless children now than ever before. Superintendents from St. Paul and Minneapolis schools joined lawmakers on Wednesday to push for $100 million for more affordable housing.
St. Paul Schools, Teachers Union Reach Tentative DealThe St. Paul Federation of Teachers and St. Paul Schools have reached a tentative labor agreement on their 2013-15 contract, officials announced Friday morning. After 24 hours of negations between the school district and the union, it appears a teachers' strike will be avoided.
St. Paul Officials Defend School Busing ChangeThere are some big changes coming to St. Paul Public Schools next school year.
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