Attention Astronomy Lovers: Jupiter & Venus To 'Conjoin' This WeekendAstronomy lovers -- and just anybody somewhat interested in the cosmos -- will have the opportunity this weekend to catch a sight in the night sky that hasn't happened for over 2,000 years.
A Close Celestial EncounterOver the next several mornings the waning crescent moon and Venus will have a really close celestial hugging. On Wednesday morning, they'll have their closest encounter.
Take A Look At Jupiter's Moons
Jupiter-Venus ConjunctionOver the next couple of weeks, there will be a nice conjunction between the bright planets Jupiter and Venus in the early morning eastern sky.
Venus Transit
Venus-Moon ConjunctionTonight and tomorrow night there's going to be a nice conjunction between the new crescent moon and the bright planet Venus.
Venus And The Moon Nuzzle Up
Venus And Taurus
Venus-Pleiades Conjunction
Jupiter, Venus Starting To Separate
The Venus Jupiter Conjunction Mike Lynch say that the Venus-Jupiter conjuction is fantastic this week with the bright planets only three degrees apart!
The Venus-Jupiter Show

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