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Dayton Vetoes GOP-Drafted Redistricting Maps

Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed Republican-drafted maps for new Minnesota congressional and legislative districts, making it likely the state’s once-a-decade redistricting process will end up in the courts.


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Minn. Lawmakers Move Bills Toward Expected Vetoes

Minnesota’s legislative session slid toward a breakdown Wednesday as the Republican-controlled Legislature prepared to send spending bills to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton without a budget deal.


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Minn. House OKs K-12 Bill Without Dayton Agreement

The Republican-controlled Legislature has proposed allowing students in low-performing big city schools to take state-funded vouchers to private schools in a sweeping education bill largely opposed by Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and his education commissioner.


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Minn. Senate Passes Bill Cutting State Workforce

The Minnesota Senate has passed a funding bill for state agencies and programs that would freeze state employee pay and reduce the size of the state workforce.


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Dayton Vetoes $900M In Cuts From GOP Legislature

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has swiftly vetoed a GOP-crafted budget bill cutting $900 million from the state’s budget deficit.




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