Finding Minnesota: Terry Kubista’s Basement Christmas Shire Like all small towns do, Terry Kubista’s village started with just a few homesteaders and a few houses. Four-and-a-half decades later it has taken over his basement.
Minneapolis 'Village' Gives Seniors A Reliable CommunityAs they get older, most of our parents would like to stay in their own homes as long as possible. The village movement is helping them do just that -- and for very little money. The communities aren't real villages; they're more like clubs seniors set up for themselves.
Finding Minnesota: Alpine Village On The Iron RangeKnowing how to yodel is not required when you visit Biwabik, but you might be inspired to try. It's a Northwoods town with a Bavarian personality.
Fort Snelling To Be A Village?There may soon be new signs near the airport indicating the "Village of Fort Snelling."
University Engineers Aid Nicaraguan VillageThe residents of La Hermita, a small village in Nicaragua, have very little, especially when it comes to electricity.

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