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Viral Video Of The Day – Tuesday June 21

Kids reacting to things are hilarious. How about kids reacting to, “The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever”.


(credit: CBS)

Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll

Young boy from Minnesota is excited about his ability to ride a bike. THe video has gone viral. Enjoy!


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The Best Of May

Enjoy your day and kill some time with the Top 5 Viral Videos of May.


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Tampa Allstar Evan Longoria Bare Hand Grab Is A Youtube Hit

Tampa Rays all star third baseman Evan Longoria makes what seems to be a fantastic bare hand catch during an interview in a hot youtube video. Is it real….you decide.



Dad Explains Why He Encouraged Son To Fight

A Florida man was arrested for child abuse after authorities claim it was his voice on a viral video encouraging his son to fight another teen. Now he’s explaining why he offered that encouragement. Take a look at the video.


(credit: Jupiter Images)

Parent Videotapes Boys Street Fight

Good Morning America shared the story of a parent that arranged his son’s street fight, then videotaped the violence.


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Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Tape?

That’s one of the labels the folks at “Smart Water” have put on a new ad campaign as Jennifer Aniston tries to figure out how to get their video to “go viral”. Check out the funny video.




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