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House To Take Final Vote On Voter ID Amendment

The Minnesota House plans a final vote Tuesday night on whether to send a voter ID constitutional amendment to the November ballot.


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Panel Reaches Deal On Minn. Voter ID Bill

A proposed constitutional amendment requiring Minnesota voters to present photo identification at polling places is on the cusp of reaching November’s ballot.


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What’s Done, What’s Left To Do In Minnesota Session

Minnesota lawmakers have been meeting in St. Paul for just over two months, and are likely to wrap up the 2012 session in a month or less. Though legislators are nearly done, there’s not a lot of final product to show.


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Talking Points: Voter ID, Marriage Amendment On Ballot

While the Minnesota House and Senate have to iron out differences in their voter ID bills, it does appear that a constitutional amendment requiring voters to present a photo ID will be on the November ballot.


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Senate Passes Photo ID, But Critics Vow Litigation

The Minnesota Legislature has agreed to let voters choose in November if they want a voter photo ID requirement in the state constitution, but some political groups have vowed to challenge the amendment in court before it even reaches the ballot.


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Minn. House Passes Photo ID Amendment Proposal

A proposed constitutional amendment to make voters show a photo ID at the polls is now halfway to a spot on the November ballot.


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Representatives Comment On Voter ID Plan

The Minnesota House passed a proposed constitutional amendment to make voters show a photo ID at the polls. Here is a small sample of some of the things said by representatives during the nine-hour debate.


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Full House Debate Begins On Voter ID Amendment

After seeing their bill vetoed last year, Republicans in the Minnesota House were poised Tuesday night to pass a voter ID constitutional amendment that would do an end-run around Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and go straight to voters.


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Full House To Take Up Photo ID Amendment

A proposed constitutional amendment to require voters to show photo ID is headed to the floor of the Minnesota House.


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Minn. Majority Wants ACLU To Pay Up

Minnesota Majority claims that it’s found proof of voter impersonation in Minnesota. And Executive Director Dan McGrath says it’s time to pay up.


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Voter ID In Minn. Seen Widely Elsewhere

A proposed constitutional amendment to require a photo ID for Minnesota voters is part of a surge of similar legislation nationwide.


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Senate Finance Committee Advances Voter ID

The Minnesota Senate Finance Committee has advanced a voter ID constitutional amendment after discussing the costs of taking such a vote.


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Conservative Group Sues Over Voter Eligibility

A group that supports requiring voters to show photo ID is suing the state of Minnesota, saying it’s not doing enough to confirm voter eligibility.


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Good Question: What’s On My License’s Magnetic Strip?

With all the talk of changing Minnesota law to require people to show an ID before they vote, some are proposing using an ID swiping system to verify that the voter is a legal one.


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Minn. Senate Committee Passes Photo ID For Voting

The Senate State Government Committee approved the amendment 8-5 Wednesday on a party-line vote.



Groups Claim Voter ID Includes Racial Profiling

Some people say the push to get a Voter ID amendment on the ballot in November includes racial profiling.


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$1K Reward Offered For Proof Of MN Voter Impersonation

The Minnesota Civil Liberties Union (ACLU-MN) is offering as a reward for anyone who can show proof of a voter impersonation case that happened in the past 10 years. And the MCLU brought the money with them: $1,000 in $1 bills.


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Voter ID Controversy Brewing At The Capitol

It’s supposed to be an effort to make sure voters really are who they say they are, on election day. But now, an amendment to require ID at the polls is drawing more opposition.


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Minn. Senate Committee Discusses Voter ID

A Senate committee is taking up a proposed constitutional amendment that would require voters to show photo IDs.


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Voter ID Could End Up On 2012 Ballot

Republican backers of requiring a photo ID to vote in Minnesota say they’ll try to take the issue to voters themselves next year after Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed a bill with the requirement.


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Dayton Strikes Down Photo IDs For Minnesota Voters

Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill that would have required voters to produce photo identification before casting a ballot.


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Walker Signs Photo ID Requirement Into Law

Gov. Scott Walker signed into law Wednesday a requirement that voters in Wisconsin show photo identification at the polls, marking the end of a nearly decade-long push by Republicans to enact it.


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Wis. Senate Passes Voter ID Bill, Sends To Walker

The state Senate gave final legislative approval Thursday to a bill that would require Wisconsin voters to show photo identification at the polls, setting the plan up for Gov. Scott Walker’s signature.


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Several Legislative Issues Could End Up In Voters’ Hands

A key Republican lawmaker wants voters to curb lawmakers’ spending by amending the Minnesota Constitution.


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Judge Dismisses Minn. “Please I.D. Me” Lawsuit

A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by voters who wanted to wear tea party T-shirts and buttons that said “Please I.D. Me” to the polls in last November’s election.