Warm Weather

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Twin Cities Hits A Record 50 Degrees

A record-high temperature for January was set early Tuesday afternoon as we hit 50 degrees across the Twin Cities metro area.


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Warm Weather Presents Challenges for Snowmakers

At the Afton Alps ski hill, you would think winter has arrived in full force. It’s not because of Mother Nature, it’s because of snow makers like Ken Speltz.


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The Effects Of Warm Weather On Winter Farming

The last three months of last year tied for the second-warmest on record in the Twin Cities, with an average temperature of nearly 41 degrees. Pair that with the lack of snow we’ve seen this season — we’re more than a foot behind average — and that makes for some happy farmers.


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Warm Weather Has Winter Event Organizers On Edge

From when the first snowflakes fly, many look forward to their favorite winter events, but this mild and snowless season has organizers on edge.


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Warm Weather Prompts Thin Ice Warnings In Metro

There’s been plenty of ice rescues this winter, along with stories about ATVs and fish houses going through the ice. But, that’s not keeping some people off of those not-so-frozen lakes.


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Minneapolis Sets Warm-Weather Record

The unseasonably high temperature across the state set some new daily records in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud.


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Savoring The Sunshine In Downtown Minneapolis

A lot of people took longer lunch breaks today, taking in what could be the last warm weather before winter.


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Weather Warms Up, Out Come The Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes: there are millions of them, they’re a nuisance, and so is their bite which makes you itch and scratch your skin like crazy. So why does the mosquito population in Minnesota seems to be pretty slim this year?


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Minnesotans Embrace The Surprising Warm Weather

Temperatures kept rising on Tuesday and almost reached the unimaginable mark that Minnesotans have not felt in a while — 90 degrees. Now, an entire community is putting the rough winter in the past and shedding its winter coats and jackets.


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After Long, Cruel Winter, 80s Back In The Forecast

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This week’s forecast calls for highs in the 80s on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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Weather Blog: Now We’re Talking!

Wednesday was our warmest day of 2011. I will say the same thing Thursday, and again this weekend.


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Wednesday’s High Of 52 A Breath Of Fresh Air

It’s been 124 days since our first snow fall back in November, a long winter indeed, so Wednesday’s high of 52 degrees was a breath of fresh air, a real treat for everyone craving spring.


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Are You Ready For A Warm-Up?

If it seems like we’ve been in a deep freeze since time began, and if it seems like it’s been bone-chillingly cold enough to stop time ever since, relief is on the way.


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Warm Weather Destinations

In our never-ending quest to sustain ourselves through Winter by thinking warm thoughts, we give you this link to TripAdvisor’s “Best Warm Weather Destinations”.


There ARE Still Warm Spots Out There

Need a reminder on these cold winter days that there are warm spots to escape to?





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