Melting Snow Tough On Ski Shops, Outdoor EnthusiastsWhile the snow is piling up on the East Coast, we're enjoying temperatures in the 40's here in the Twin Cities.
Minnesotans Head Outdoors During Winter Warm-upMost Minnesotans are leaving the snow pants, boots and heavy coats at home. Instead, they’re choosing to shed the layers during a rare December warm-up.
Warmer Weather Helps Minnesota Fields Dry Out Warmer weather and limited rain this past week helped Minnesota's farm fields to dry out a bit from a rainy May.
Weather Blog: Now We're Talking!Our temps finally shot up over average Friday with a high of 61 degrees (that’s 5 degrees warmer than average). Lucky for us, the mild air will stay in place right through the weekend.
Weather Blog: The Heat Is On (Still) Expect another warm day Tuesday as the wind cranks up from the south and ushers in another shot at the 40s for highs.
Weekend Ice Dam Problems Too Much To Handle?There aren't enough contractors in the state to deal with the ice dam problems that will hit Minnesotans this weekend.
Weather Blog: Warmer Weather -- You've Earned It!We will finally start to feel some mild air. Our "February Freeze" is coming to an end.
Weather Blog: The 'January Thaw' ComingA January thaw is loosely defined as back to back days with a high of 32 degrees or warmer. We will come close to that with only a handful of January days to go.

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