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Weather Blog: 1 Last Summer-Like Day

We were spoiled with 8 consecutive days with highs in the 80s. Monday’s clouds and rain ended our nice little summer heat streak.


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Weather Blog: Aurora Borealis

At the end of September, a coronal mass ejection from the Sun initiated an impressive display of one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular displays, the aurora borealis or the Northern Lights.


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Weather Blog: Record Heat But Will We Feel Fall?

High temperatures topped in the 80s for the eighth consecutive day in the Twin Cities today, tying the record for the longest stretch of 80-degree days in October which last occurred in 1953!


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Weather Blog: Wild And Windy

After a wildly, windy day just last Thursday where winds gusted into the mid-50 mph range across the state, another day of whipping winds is in store Friday.


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Weather Blog: Cooling Down

Minnesota peaked on Wednesday with a new daily record high of 88 degrees in Minneapolis, braking a record that had stood for 132 years.


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Weather Blog: Warm Enough For You?

We hit 83 degrees on Monday, and the air felt great on the ground and hundreds of feet over it.


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Weather Blog: More Sunshine, Warm Weather Ahead

After a beautiful first weekend of October, expect more sunshine and unseasonably warm weather for this upcoming week.


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Weather Blog: Great Running Conditions

It will be chilly to start Saturday morning for those running the 10K (7:30 a.m.) and the 5K (9 a.m.) as part of the Twin Cities Marathon. Expect temperatures from 40-46 degrees with a light wind from the southeast.


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Weather Blog: Blown Away

I think that was a movie back in the 90s with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones, but I bring it up because it describes what our Thursday will feel like.


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Weather Blog: Talk Of Snow?

Don’t panic, it is historic talk of snow.


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Weather Blog: Persistently Dry Conditions Continue

The lawns have turned brown and crunchy across much of the area, due to unusual and persistently dry conditions through the current late-summer and early-autumn period.


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Weather Blog: Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That

A relatively stagnant upper-level low which has kept western Wisconsin under the clouds for much of the weekend will again allow clouds to persist into the overnight period with isolated showers to impact the area.


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Weather Blog: Cooler Weather Into The Weekend

Happy fall! Friday morning at 4:04 a.m. marked the time of the autumnal equinox ushering in the new season.


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Weather Blog: Like Fall In The Summer

The scattered showers will linger throughout Wednesday as the strong low pressure center slowly clears and passes over the Great Lakes. What you will remember most is the feel of things.


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Weather Blog: Much-Needed Rain On The Way

The clouds hung around Saturday, but no rain fell. And that’s been the case most the month.


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Weather Blog: Finally Some Rain

Saturday will mark our 13th consecutive dry day, which is by far the longest dry streak of the year.


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Weather Blog: An Outbreak Of Cold

If you didn’t cover them up or move them inside, your flowers or sensitive veggies could be history.


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Weather Blog: Bye, Bye Heat

For the 17th time this year we warmed to 90 degrees, which matches last year’s total. Will there be a 18th? No.


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Weather Blog: One More Day Of Heat; Then Cool Down

Today’s high temperature of 89 degrees at MSP solidified this warm start to September by helping to push the average of all the high temperatures so far this month to 82.5 degrees.


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Weather Blog: After Sunday, Say Goodbye To The 90s

It was another sunny and warm day across Minnesota with highs in the mid to upper 80s, but by next week we’ll hardly reach the 60s.


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Weather Blog: No Big Changes

Our weather systems are still backed up thanks to Katia and Lee. That keeps high pressure overhead bringing us plenty of sunshine and warmer than average temperatures.


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Weather Blog: What You Feel Is What You Get

High pressure will dominate the scene for the next several days.


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Weather Blog: Blustery Sunday

It will be a windy and cool Sunday afternoon. Some of us could even see a brief shower as moisture wraps around a low-pressure system over the Great Lakes.


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Weather Blog: A Cooling Trend

Another cold front is moving through Minnesota Saturday, with humid air ahead of it.


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Weather Blog: Average Can Be A Good Thing

Highs will be closer to average this weekend, with a chance of a shower over southwestern Minnesota Saturday afternoon and evening.