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(credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Police: Baby Monitor Hacked In Rochester

Rochester police say a family had their monitor hacked and the IP address registered to a location overseas. The parents told investigators they didn’t notice anything until the device started playing music.


A recent report on pets in beds got us talking on Twitter and viewers sent in these pictures.

You can join the conversation every Sunday night -- just use #lizandjason! (credit: Nathan Casey)

Webcam For Pets

Feel bad leaving your pet at home along? Never fear! PetChatz webcam is here.


(credit: MN Zoo)

MN Zoo Shows Off New Penguin Chicks Via Webcam

The Minnesota Zoo has debuted a new webcam to show off their two recently-hatched male African penguin chicks.


eagles return

Parent Returns To Baby Eagle’s Side

The eagle has re-landed! Around 7 p.m. on Monday, one of the adult eagles who were caring for its trapped eaglet returned to its nest at the Minnesota Raptor Center.


(credit: CBS)

Webcam Celebrity Eaglet Rescued

A webcam and a baby bird in trouble gave birth to a celebrity on Friday. An eaglet in Hutchinson appeared to be trapped amidst sticks and mud in its nest.


red-tail hawk

Wis. Hawk Webcam A Worldwide Sensation

Five red-tailed hawks in Wisconsin have become worldwide reality stars.



Wisconsin Recall Webcam So Boring It’s Mesmerizing

You know you live in a state consumed by politics when a webcam showing bureaucrats silently shuffling around a nondescript room feeding papers into a scanner attracts tens of thousands of viewers.


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Webcam 101

Look at these cute seniors as they try to figure out their webcam on their new computer.


(credit: Jupiter Images)

Hidden Webcam Found In Restroom At Iowa Store

Police say a miniature webcam has been found hidden in an employee restroom at a Des Moines grocery store.