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Weird News Roundup

(credit: CBS)

The Weird News Roundup! For 11-14

Click the link above to see today’s contenders and vote on which story is the best!!!


(credit: CBS)

Weird News Roundup For 9-12.

Here are this week’s contestants…. Jimmy Erickson Click here to see the story of Sleeping Beauty. Salina Jones Click here to read the story about BACON BACON and more BACON! Jordana Green Click here to […]


(credit: CBS)

The Weird News Roundup For 9-5!

Vote on today’s version of the WEIRD NEWS ROUNDUP by clicking the link! Jordana is going for a 3 peat!


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Weird News Roundup For 8-8!

Vote on which story you like the most!


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John Williams Weird News Roundup For 8-1

Vote on whose story is the best!


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Weird News Round Up-7-25

Vote on what story is the strangest!